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Bought a Laser, still figuring it all the way out

Ruda PollardComment

So catching everything up to speed here…

I bought a Full Spectrum Laser (FSL) 5th gen Hobby Laser. It’s really cool and can laser all kinds of stuff.


It allows you to use a program to control the laser for cutting and engraving, Retina Engrave (RE), which allows you to print directly to the program for engraving. For whatever reason and for the first time I’m having trouble printing this one document that I had been able to print to RE before. When the image/document imports/loads I get this message: 

I haven’t figured out how to fix this issue but I have found a work around. I just export the document/image to a Bitmap (.bmp) file and I’m able to just open it in RE like normal. 

Oh yea look at what it did with it so far: