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I Got Engaged And Solved A Mystery

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There are so many things that have happened since my last post. I try, as best I can, to not make excuses for my short comings. That being said, I didn’t make time to type anything. Stupid, I know, especially knowing how easy it is to type up a hundred word entry. Since December 2012, I asked my girlfriend if she would like to have this pretty rock and to stay with me until one of us dies. That happened the very next month actually. Later she confessed that she didn’t remember what happened or what she said; it’s a good thing I have video of it to prove that she consented to this agreement.

During the Government Shutdown, my Chief Clerk and I (oh yea, in there I got a promotion) set up a booth at Eastern Market to show off our craftiness and investigate a second career in case the whole government thing didn’t work out. We did horribly and I did worse. Samaia, who is now my Fiance, was very proud of us and came by to sit with us for a few hours. Imagine being under a tent at a flea market staring out into space while the guy next to you blows glass using fire next to your paper crafts and the girl on the other side of you rakes money in hand over fist. We were still very excited to be there though.

I have an update regarding my October 24th 2012 post. The guy pictured in the high collar coat and bowler hat is none other than this guy I know that doesn’t tell you a whole lot but I was disappointed when I actually found out who he was. Not because he’s a bad person, but because I was excited about not knowing who it was and just seeing his art everywhere. The mystery drew me in so when I found out, the search was over. The mystery was solved not by my super sleuthing but by an acquaintance of his. Anyway, I’ve promised to be more attentive to my blog before so I’m not going to make the same mistake but I am more excited about my artwork and craft. It’s taken me a while to see my work as art and value it at all. If there was one that I learned from being at Eastern Market that day, it was that people kind of like my work. Maybe I’ll do it again… 

Here are the subjects for my latest work in progress.image

This is about how far I’ve gotten. It doesn’t look like much but I drew everything you see electronically by hand. There are some people out there in the world that prefer to draw on computers and they are very fast. I am not fast but I think i’m pretty good.image

I know you’re anxious about seeing what I had at Eastern Market flea market. Here’s a link to the photos.