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Looking forward to the New Year

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Yes, I know I said I was going to do better and not neglect my blog, but really see what had happened was, that I enjoyed seeing everyone else’s post so much that I just got caught up reading and reading and reading.

Not to worry though, I have completed another project. In the interim I lost my disk drive with all of my other designs on it (like 4 years worth of work). Slowly I’m remaking them and decided that this one was going to be the next I produced.

In a recent post, I highlighted my step father’s role in Zulu for Mardi Gras 2013 as the Mayor and from the portrait I gifted to him congratulating him I was most proud of the crest I created. So I decided to dedicate some space to it specifically.  

The materials is alternating black and mirrored paper. I tried to take a decent shot but the mirror kept reflecting. Ha and there is another finished card front I had to recreate for Christmas.

I think that this picture helps to show the mirrorness (is that a word?) of the paper in contrast to the black. Alone, the picture sucks but helps to wrap your head around what it looks like in person. 

This picture is a digital template that the cuts come from. Each of the pieces are cut individually by color. I’ve got to create layers, differentiating by color to get the cuts I need to put them all together. It looks silly here but this is maybe more beautiful to me than the finished product. Most of the time spent creating these pieces are spent on making this template or paths to be cut.