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mayor of zulu 2013

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When my mama told me that my step father was elected the 2013 Mayor of Zulu it took me a minute to process it. Not very long but just long enough for my mom to “Hey Joe, you still there huh?” me. Just after that she told me that now they responsible for recruiting people to be on his float. If y'all aint figured out what I’m talking about it’s only the largest black krewe on the Carnival Parade Schedule for Mardi Gras. 

So any way, I started making a portrait for him using a graphic that I made for my mom when they got married because she told me they were using the male figure for the branding logo. I didn’t tell my mama I was making it cause I wanted it to be a surprise. Making this thing aint just throwing something together. Imagine making something with 25 unique pieces and only very small parts of each will be seen  poking out from underneath the others. Oh and they all have to be exactly the same except for the part you want to be seen. You get it? If not, it’s ok. You don’t have to. Trust me it takes time and you got to be careful cause if you F it up you just wasted hours of you life. 

What you see at the top is the proof of how its going to be cut. I’ve got to try and use a unique (was I supposed to use “an” before “unique”? It aint sound right) color for each piece. Oh Yea, I probably should show what a finished product looks like. Below is the proof and the product for another portrait my mom asked me to make. The material is all paper of differing fiber types, just which ever I think would give me the best texture. It’s all made of single sheets layered atop one another. The shadowing effect is created by stacking multiple sheets atop one another to make for more space for light to be kept out of or go into. When I get to cutting out the Mayor I’ll post my progress.


Final Product