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Palm Clappers and The Zulu Mayor Emerges

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Are you one of those weird palm clappers?

You probably don’t even know. You just think that’s the way every body claps, well it’s not. Every other sensible person claps with one palm and the finger portion of the other hand. If you don’t know or understand what I’m talking about you are either a palm clapper or you are just not that observant. Unobservant people should realize that in the wild, they would probably be eaten by other animal with large teeth while everybody else ran away. Pity you have a chance in this modern society of insulation because if it were up to me, I would have gotten rid of you at the first signs of clap rebellion. I imagine one chooses how they are going to clap around the age of 12 maybe 13.

In other news… penis. 

Sorry inside joke, but use it on you friends, this maybe a perfect entry into the penis game. 

Now to the paper.

Remember that Mayor of Zulu portrait I was working on? (

Well I have updated and finished it. Go check it out and come back to get the full scope of how awesome these pictures are. 

So here is my color pallet. It looks plain from just the mother sheets. 

DUN Dun dun… the work station! Notice the bourbon and coffee pres at the ready, though I think I may have drank the first cup already. Which leads me to believe that I drank my first helping of bourbon too. Who can be sure of these things.

I am especially Proud of this. It’s a small piece of the whole thing but I like it the most.

So yes this thing is 20/16 inches.

And for the finished product. It still needs to be framed. A month and an half worth of work and it is finally finished.