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At least I think so. I’ve always been good at making stuff so when I made this for my girlfriend it wasn’t terribly hard. I stayed up til 3 something in the morning though because it was her birthday and I hadn’t gotten her anything. So I’m a bad person, now let’s get past that.

Yes, the other letters fell off. This construction paper card has lasted since 09 and at least 4 moves. This was the original article that got me started with cutting paper. BTW, I call “cutting paper” anything i’m doing in the effort of eventually cutting paper; designing, collecting pictures, actually cutting paper… &c.

From just a pair of scissors to CorelDRAW I’ve been a moving on up (and now I will end that song lest it get stuck in my head, I’m not really a fan but I’m glad to have Lenny).

Initially I was going to just do portraits and I would trace out images onto gift bag tissue. Lawd, let me tell you that was was work. I had all kinds of bruises on my hands from using a exacto knife. It took about the same amount of time (2 weeks) all said and done as it now does to design in CorelDRAW. The major difference now is that I can duplicate my designs relatively easily without having to start from scratch. Also I can make much more precise cuts.

I felt like I lead myself down the wrong path because with the added precision I tricked myself to believe that it was going to be easier to assemble. Wrong. I started to make more intricate designs playing on layers of paper that tissue didn’t give me making more of a 3d effect. It aint gonna be completely third dimensional. That would take a lot of time and thought… I might get into that but let me work my way up.

Thank you cards started being the thing that I thought I wanted to do but they took way too long. You have to cut each layer individually then you have to find a way to adhere them to the other layers in just the right way so they show just what you want them to (we’ve been over this). One lesson I learned is that business cards is not the thing to do with my method of craft. They come out looking bomb but they also take way too long for it to be worth it. I’m talking about a turn around time, from start to finish, of a month from scratch. Don’t nobody want to wait a full month for business cards. If you got a business you want card now! All they need to say is your name, number, and email address and you don’t have to have all of those. You think the cards up there look all cool? THEY ARE!! They look even better in person when you’re touching them and thinking about who you want to give them to. If you want em, I’ll do em, and I will certainly charge you for em.