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Stupid Wedding Bands and Progress

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I knew that I would need a wedding band but I have never been excited about any of them that I would just casually see. So recently at Samaia’s urging I’ve started looking into wedding bands that I would like to have. I’ve surprised myself that I was not only able to find some pretty cool looking wedding bands but the rings I found I would wear in my regular life. (Ha ha. Regular life. As if being married isn’t regular). 

Mokume Gane 

I’ve learned all kinds of fascinating things about this type of blacksmith'ing. Click here for more information:

Back to my latest project I’ve gotten a little farther. This is proving to be a very detailed project but that’s the reason I chose it. So here are just a few shots of my progress.

Samaia’s silhouette and dress sequins 


Both of our silhouettes and the beginnings of my tuxedo.