Ruda Pollard

Our capabilities are not limited to what is presented because we will attempt to engrave/burn/etch/cut/generally destroy any material you choose.

But since you're here, I'll list some examples:

Wheat Beer Pilsner

Wheat Beer Pilsner


Welcome to Papier de Lys

Papier de Lys provides one-of-a-kind, custom engravings, paper portraits, and design solutions. We offer personalized solutions for home decor, bar serve wear, and one of a kind gifts.

We will work with you to create personalized messages, monograms, logos, and pictures that will stand out.


Handmade with laser beams

That's right lasers. We harness the power of light itself to make every piece that we present... unless of course you've got photophobia and would prefer we not. In the vary rare case your phobia effects the final work produce we will take extra care to satisfy your needs for increasing the cost of your product. 

Papier de Lys is aims to serve clientele with a desire to be special and set apart from their peers.

We provide graphic design and engraving services for home decor wall art, fine wine bottles, craft beer bottles, mirrors, spirit decanters, and carafes. Do you think your job is too small? As Ruda and see if he can't get a piece of light to focus on that itty bitty situation. 

We are committed to your satisfaction and each piece will be given personal attention though each step of production and development... whether you like it or not.